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Professional Dog Claw Clipper-The Best Pet Nail Cutter

Professional Dog Claw Clipper-The Best Pet Nail Cutter

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The Professional dog nail cutter is something every pet owner needs!

Your dog will love the gentle design of the clippers. Getting their nails trimmed will be an enjoyable experience for both of you.
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 Mainly Designed for Safety!

 Our pet Nail Clipper ensures that you can trim your pet’s nails without risking injury or discomfort to the pet. The super bright LED light means you can see exactly where you need to cut.
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Live in Harmony with Your four legs friend!

Avoid painful over-cutting and costly trips to the vet with this nails trimmer that is so easy to use. LED lights up the delicate bloodline, so you can cut in the right place when you’re cutting. 
dog nail trimmer

Why choose our nail clipper?

Extreme safety without worrying to hurt your loved pet. With a protective guard to protect your dogs and cats from “Over trimming” . Super lightweight, non-slip rubber handles for a comfortable grip and convenient while traveling
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dog claw cutters
dog claw cutters

 Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
 Size: 16 x 9cm / 6.3 x 3.54"

 Battery Capacity: 160mAh 
Size(Lx W): Approx. 14.5x9 cm/ 5.71x3.54 inch 
1 x nail clipper for dogs
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